Our Mission…

Perth Permanent Height Safety specialises in providing our clients professional, reliable, user friendly, compliant roof access systems. We offer ‘piece of mind’ industry experience, certified installers, quality manufactured products from SAYFA Group, a leading Australian manufacturer with industry standards.

Focusing on safety and well-being of all involved in the work place, Perth Permanent Height Safety’s vision is to strive to achieve excellence in safe roof access systems, making sure anyone working at heights return home to their families safely at the end of the day.

Our Products



Our full range of anchors from surface mount through to concrete mount, gives the flexibility to install anchors on multiple roof profiles.


Guardrails & Walkways

Aluminum walkways provide ultimate protection to roof surfaces in high trafficable areas. Complimented with guardrail for added user protection on pitched roofs.


Static Lines

Static line systems allow for multiple users with continuous attachments with a wide range of surface mounting options available.


Access Hatches

Limited building roof access space is a ongoing challenge. Access hatches with a fold down internal ladder system can remove apposing restraints of external ladder access.